WG Members

Whapaxx Gaming's Loyalty Program is FREE and offers exclusive rewards and discounts for members. 


As a member you will receive up to a maximum LIFETIME DISCOUNT of 25% on all experiences at Whapaxx Gaming as well as member only gifts and offers. 


The LIFETIME DISCOUNT received depends on your Membership Level. Your membership level is determined by the criteria below: 

There are (3) three levels: 

  1. SILVER (10 points) | 10%OFF
  2. GOLD (30 points) | 15% OFF
  3. PREMIUM (60 points) | 25% OFF

You will receive one (1) point for every $50 spent at Whapaxx Gaming. Offer excludes gift certificate purchases and cannot be coupled with any other promotion. 

Fraud, Misuse or Abuse


In cases of fraud, misuse or abuse of Whapaxx Gaming's Membership Program and associated benefits, Whapaxx Gaming reserves the right to take appropriate administrative  and/or legal action. This includes but is not limited to suspension of benefits associated with the Membership Program and closure of the membership account.




Member privacy is high on our priority list. Whapaxx Gaming expects members to provide updated contact information to benefit from ongoing promotions. Such information includes but is not limited to name, email address and telephone number. This information will be used to notify you of special offers, recommendations, updates or in-house advertisements.  Please note your information will not be shared or disclosed to any other vendor or third party.